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We proudly use Aviva Labs Organic Spray Tanning​ solutions in our studio. They are the ​​world's first ORGANIC sunless tanning system and the only solution with warm and cool tones to match your unique skin tone. Aviva Labs has won the prestigious Skin, Inc. Magazine "Best of the Best" award two years in a row! 



While most solutions contain either aloe vera ​or alcohol, Aviva Labs is the only water-based spray tanning solution on the market. This allows for a faster dry time so you can get dressed and on your way in no time!



We specialize in matching your unique skin tone in order to create the most flawless, natural sunless tan possible. Whether you have cool, pinkish undertones (generally people of northern european descent) or warm, olive tones (generally people of mediterranean or latino descent) our solutions will make you bronze and beautiful in no time! We can even custom mix solutions to achieve the perfect color for your skin!​​​


​​​​     All of our solutions are: 




-certified organic




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